Body scrubs:

This invigorating process improves everyone's skin. Removing the outer layers of dead skin, exfoliation causes the body to renew its outer dermal layers faster, allowing better oxygenation of the skin. Every product you use after this process – even those you use at home – will work better. Paired with any of our body wraps, exfoliation yields even better results.

Fruitty-Beautty Body Polish: 30 min - $ 80.

Fruit Scrub -  for all skin types.  help stimulate blood circulation & removes dead skin cells & any impurities, leaving your body feeling cleansed and smooth.

Mokko-chocco Body Scrub: 30 min - $ 80.

Guilt-free chocolate. The guilt free way to enjoy the decadence of chocolate, without the calories isn't just to stare at it...! Cocoa is rich in antioxidants, (Vitamin A and E) which increase blood circulation while cocoa butter hydrates and soothes the skin!