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Wraps and Masks

Wraps and Masks

You may of heard that the skin is the largest organ in the body. Just like it is healthy to maintain a balanced diet & exercise, it is just as vital and necessary maintain a balance of skin health. In a 45 minute therapy that is calming & relaxing, leaving you thoroughly refreshed afterwards. This detox process has three stages. The first stage consists of cell acceptance, and this is when you apply masks to the body. Your body begins absorbing this mask into it’s blood stream within three seconds! The botanicals within help open cells up to increase absorption of it’s ingredients. The second step is to absorb and compress. This stage helps soften fat and cellulite deposits whilst breaking down toxic deposits in your cells and body. Finally the last step is to flush the toxins out from your body, and to promote fat, toxin and cellulite removal.

To achieve the best results, supplement with a bio-available vitamin-mineral complex while decreasing intake of alcohol, caffeine, sugar and salt before the wrap. If you are presently on an exercise program and eating healthy, you will obtain your best results.

Acqua Belle
The Ultimate Dry And Wet Oxygen Hydrotherapy Spa Capsule

Atelier Boutique Spa (AB-Spa) is proud to have been acclaimed as being at the “forefront of technology in the spa industry today”. This unique technology delivers an amazing rejuvenating experience as described by one the originators of the capsule below:

acqua belle 1

Using the far infrared directly, capsule stimulate the skin in depth to accelerate fat burning and toxin expelling.. The hot herbal Aromasteam activates the nutrients contained in such products as seaweed, muds etc. that have been applied all over the body – effectively infusing and enhancing your treatment results. Essential oils creates a fragrant atmosphere, in which your body and mind are left to deeply relax. The capsule enables you to recover from fatigue and helps thoroughly rejuvenate you. Four different LED spectral therapies reduce your stress levels and improving your skin condition. The Vichy Shower, located within the capsule lid quickly and efficiently washes off residue left by the body mask. Specialized spa music and nature video soothes and relaxes your body and soul as you enjoy this state of the art spa treatment. Full automatic ozone sterilization guarantees safety and sanitation during your stay. Aqua Belle is the most stunning and versatile body treatment capsule in its class.

Any Wrap in the Spa Capsule

– $160

Any Body Scrub followed by any Wrap in the Spa Capsule

– $220


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Hot Chocolate Stimulating Body Wrap

50 min – $120

Hot Chocolate Stimulating Body Wrap

Our cutting-edge cellulite wrap stimulates your body’s ability to break down stored fat, increase your metabolism and eliminate subcutaneous water retention. By using all natural ingredients that are rich in Vitamin A and E, polysaccharides and proteins, it smoothes and enhances your overall skin texture, and visibly reduces spongy, dimply cellulite areas. This tightens and tones the skin to help stimulate the body to rid itself of trapped toxins, excess fat and excess trapped lymph fluids.

Dessert Heat Relaxing Body Wrap

50 min – $115

Experience this warm, soothing, bubbling wrap thats formulated to vanquish your fatigue and stress by delivering nature’s rich red seaweed and mineralizing golden Arizona desert mud, which is enriched with magnesium and zinc, natural minerals, trace elements, and a high copper content to aid in releasing those toxins from your body. The re-mineralizing properties will cleanse, balance, and sooth your skin while anti-inflammatory agents aid in relieving those achy muscles and joint pains caused perhaps by such ailments as osteoarthritis.

Moroccan Cocoon with Rassoul Purification Body Mask

50 min – $115

Volcanic ash is historically recognized as a purifying source for skin cleansing and moisture retention. A warm mud is generously applied to your entire body, stimulating the release of impurities. As your skin absorbs enriching minerals, your body radiates healthy purification and deep hydration for a delightful sense of utter renewal. Recommended for psoriasis, eczema, chemically treated, damaged, stress or dull skin.

Mermaid Hydrating Body Mask

50 min – $115

This treatment reduces excess fluid, detoxes the entire body, including your skin and internal organs. It also helps smooth out the appearance of cellulite while improving your skin’s elasticity. Due to the iodine in this product, this treatment is not recommended for people who have heart problems, allergies to shellfish or thyroid issues. Natural seaweed is used to infuse the skin with vital minerals and alginates to effectively restore moisture and elasticity, whilst firming and toning spongy, and dehydrated skin.

Black Magma Rejuvenating Mask

50 min – $115

Detoxify the body by breaking down lactic and other acids that often accumulate in your joints and muscles. This acid is what causes the burn during exercise and builds up in active individuals. This mask reduces the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and similar ailments. Mud also balances female hormones present in the body to reduce related pain.

This mineral-rich mud is great for people with a poor diet or otherwise suffering from a lack of proper mineral intake. Also smoothes rough-textured skin and clears sluggish, congested skin problems.

Vegetarian Vital Body Mask

50 min – $115

This firming and brightening herbal body wrap counteracts aging, evens your skin tone, and delivers rejuvenating and toning benefits.

Using a combining the tropical extracts of vegetables and herbs (malice, tartaric, and citric acids, calcium, potassium, glucose, and other key anti-aging ingredients such as repairing Vitamin C) this creamy formulation is applied to your entire body, transporting you to an oasis where all your senses are gently awakened and great visible results are quickly obtained. Your skin emerges fully revived, refreshed, much smoother, firmer, and vividly brighter!

Water Lily After Sun Soothing Wrap

50 min – $100

This post-sun soothing wrap instantly repairs your sun damage and calms sunburns. It is appropriate for highly sensitive skins as well. This wrap is applied cool to the skin, drawing heat and calming the inflammation. Depending on the level of burn or irritation, an appropriate body moisturizer will also be applied.

Neptune Slimming Twist

Half Body – $80; Full Body – $120

This is an amazing start for anyone beginning a diet or weight-loss program. What better way to start out than a boost of motivation that comes from immediately measurable results? It is also great for reducing the appearance of stretch marks and smoothing the dimples caused by cellulite deposits. When losing weight your skin can lose elasticity and start to sag. Tighten it up with this twist! Body wrapping is a great support for any weight reduction program.

This treatment provides optimum results when performed in a series of 8 sessions.