Ionic Foot Detox 30 minuts - $65

3 prepaid sessions$ 186 ( each $62 )
5 prepaid sessions$ 290 ( each $58 )
7 prepaid sessions 8th free$ 448


Detox-therapy rebalances the energy system of the body as well as excreting any excess toxins from the body after the treatment. The treatment lasts about 30 minutes in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. This treatment also helps improve body balance, reduce lactic acid, regulates metabolism, eases
menstrual pain, improves kidney and liver function, aids in weight loss, skin problems, energy levels, circulation, and arthritis.

How Does the Detox Foot Spa Work?

The Ionic Foot Detox creates a gentle vibration that aids the release of unwanted toxin particles through the pores on the sole of the foot. The Detox Foot Spa system allows the negative ions to travel through the body and attach themselves to toxic substances with the opposite charge. Most positive in charge toxins in our body will be conveniently neutralized and drawn out by the negative ions produced by the Detox Foot Spa. Toxin particles will be neutralized because they are attracted by the highly concentrated ion field in the Detox Foot Spa water.

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