Lipo Laser Treatment 

      25 minuts - $ 325

6 prepaid sessions:$ 780   ( $ 100 each )
12 prepaid sessions:$ 960   ( $ 80 each )
16 prepaid sessions:$ 1000  ( $ 62.50 each )

Discounted series is available, check  Fat & Cellulite Reduction Packages

 This revolutionary treatment was designed especially to target subcutaneous fat cells and to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Laser paddles are placed on your skin and a cold red laser safely transcends to target your fat cells, which causes them to release their fatty acids to use them as energy. This will effectively shape your body and help you lose inches.

A session takes 25 minutes only. It works by using low level lasers to focused treatment pads that activate light signals within the fat cells to collapse to water, triglycerides and release acids. After Lipo Laser treatment, fat free from the fat issues will go into your lymphatic organism and be metabolized and removing all the way through your urinary and sweating. Lipo Laser can offer ultimate results when combined with exercise or slenderpress treatment. Using this treatment, the lymphatic system and collected fat is removed from the body. Additionally, to lose fat instantly, it is crucial to drink a lot of water.

Most people see the remarkable difference in the body fat in the very first session. For the best result recommended to be repeated twice a week for 6-8 weeks  up to 16 sessions.

Lipo Laser cutting-edge cosmetic treatment is as stable as the consequences from workout. Neither this treatment causes any tissue or cell damage not it has any downtime. It clears the cells by shrinking them. The bad fat does not come by its own. With healthy diet and regular exercise, you can keep your body in shape.

Dissolve fat from almost all parts of the body including: Chin, Upper Arms , Bra line , Men’s Chest, Belly , Legs , Thighs

Benefits of Lipo Laser Treatment –  

  • Reduce fat and cellulite areas painlessly within no time
  • Use your body's own fat loss passageways
  • No tissue or cell damage
  • No downtime

Contradictions: This treatment is not advised to pregnant women, cancer patient and people under the age 18. It is highly recommended to consult with an expert before going ahead. Depending on general health, level of fat and other factors, a treatment plan will be recommended to you.