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Nothing releases worries of the day like a relaxing massage. Not only do these tactile pleasures calm your stormy mind, but massage also quickens the removal toxins from the body. Take a break from the stress of the workday.

Swedish Body massage

30 min - $75, 55 min - $130, 90 min - $185

Relaxing - soothe your spirit; relax your mind, and release anxiety and muscular tension from throughout your body. This treatment uses light to medium pressure and incorporates traditional long strokes and kneading techniques. A Swedish massage helps release the body of unwanted stress & strain. Your body will feel very rested and your mind at great ease for a total pampering experience.

Shiatsu Body Massage

30 min - $75, 55 min - $130, 90 min - $160

Based on the lesser known Oriental system of energetic meridians of the body, Shiatsu balances the body's energy and opening pathways with acupressure and gentle stretching. We do this treatment on a futon mat. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing & socks.

Deep Tissue Massage

30 min - $80, 55 min - $150, 90 min - $200

Specifically designed to essentially prevent muscle soreness & tired joints caused by overexertion or heavy exercise. Perfect for a intensely active and athletic individuals who seek a muscle soothing intensive massage. Ideal for those with recreational lifestyles to help relieve discomfort or pain from being over active

Hot Stone Massage

55 min - $145, 90 min - $195

Experience a unique and effective technique of deep massage with a gentle warmth. This treatment is particularly great for those who need deep tissue therapy, but dislike deeper manipulations.Heated basalt stones are gently placed at strategic locations on your body. The heat from them penetrates and releases deep muscle tension and promotes good circulation.

Reflexology Foot Massage

30 min - $75

This is a foot massage as well as a full body tune-up based on the theory that the foot is a map of your entire body. By applying pressure to specific points on the sole, the referred body part will feel many beneficial effects. Reflexology is excellent for preventative maintenance and for stimulating your body's ability to heal itself.

Scalp, Neck & Shoulder Massage

30 min - $75

This massage will include all benefits of a scalp massage, on top of relieving tension and stress in the area most of us store that stress, your neck and shoulders. A must for anyone dealing with stress.

Mom-to-be massage

30 min - $80; 55 min - $140

Pregnant women can improve their circulation and reduce swelling to ease aches. You'll experience this safe and therapeutic massage while lying comfortably on your side

Hot Stone Massage
Mom-to-be massage