25 minuts -$ 130

6  prepaid sessions:$ 780 ( $ 100 each )
12 prepaid sessions:$ 960 ( $ 80 each )
16 prepaid sessions:$ 1000 ( $ 62.50 each )

Discounted series is available, check  Fat & Cellulite Reduction Packages

Microcurrent treatment is a very effective, permanent, convenient and safe technology that can be used to remove extra layers of fat. It is a world class technology and is FDA approved. You can achieve the results that usually come with a rigorous and long exercise session.

Microcurrent Body Sculpting works by using conductive body pads with plates that deliver specific frequencies to the body. Every cell vibrates at a specific frequency so the fat cells can be specifically targeted. Positive and negative pads are placed on the chosen target areas where results are desired. Your muscles are stimulated by tiny amounts of current at varying speeds and intensities yielding great shaping results. This treatment follows your body's natural pathways to weight loss through light muscle stimulation.

In addition to the weight loss benefits, this treatment is great for the reduction of cellulite. The microcurrent burns the fat layer below the skin and breaks up the scarred tissue as well as increasing the elasticity of your skin. Clients who have undergone a C-section or surgery have had excellent results as well.