High Performance Facials

* All this facials do not include deep pore extractions.
If it is necessary, it will increase price for $ 30.

Fresh Breezing Facial

60 min - $110

"O2 – the ancient key to modern renewal"

A treatment that actively purifies, clarifies, and decongests skin to brighten, renew, and revive. Especially effective for dehydrated, congested, dull, for acne-prone or hyper-pigmented skin. This oxygenating facial treatment increases epidermal oxygenation by binding oxygen to the surface of the skin. Enhanced oxygen activity immediately delivers a brighter vibrant skin. An oxygenenating mask is applied, followed by the application of a Vitamin "C" ampoule to neutralize free-radicals and bond excess moisture for a smoother, firmer skin tone. Fantastic for all skin types.