High Performance Facials

* All this facials do not include deep pore extractions.
If it is necessary, it will increase price for $ 30.

Hot & Cool Chocolate Facial

60 min - $140

"turning back of clock"

A truly rejuvenating facial with immediate results!!!!!! Cocoa beans are high in antioxidant, actually has higher antioxidant potential than other heavy weight antioxidants such as green tea or red wine. Chocolate also contains fats such as cocoa butter and shea butter. Both are moisturizers and as anti-inflammatory agents and also a skin softener. Chocolate have anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular effects. The nutritional content of chocolate is astounding. Raw cocoa has 955 ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) units per gram, which makes cocoa the highest known source of antioxidants in the world.

Our Layered chocolate Facial is marvelous, using only the finest ingredients from earth to sea. The first layer deposits rejuvenating amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements to help nourish, hydrate and tone the skin. The second layer improves circulation and brings oxygen to the surface. Then, seaweed nourishes the skin and aids in cell development. Finally a cacao mask provides a gentle heat, which intensifies absorption of the beneficial ingredients and leaves the skin glowing.