Side Dishes

These services may be added to Facial or Body treatments.

* All these treatments can become mini-facials for an additionsl $20.

Esthebuste Treatment for Bust and Décolleté


Effective after nursing. Recommended in a series of 6 sessions. (1 per week for 6 weeks)

The area between the chin and the lower bust line is the most delicate area of the body. It takes all the stress of life and shows the first signs of aging. This treatment helps to restore smoothness and firmness to this area with visible results. While the mask is on, its temperature will rise until it becomes warm. Several minutes later, the temperature of the mask will cool until it becomes cold. The gradual change of temperature from hot to cold provokes two different reactions, vasodilatation and absorption for hydrated, firm and vibrant neck, bust and décolleté. The latest discovered therapeutic ingredient, "Kigelia Africana", used at high concentration brings forth immediately visible results. Experience the healing, repairing and tightening benefits of this treatment.