How to choose an SUV! Introducing recommended car models

An SUV that is very popular among the types of automobiles. But what is an SUV in the first place? What is good
What is different from an RV? I think there are some questions. I would like to explain the features of such SUVs, points when choosing a vehicle model, and SUV such as recommended SUV.

What is an SUV

SUVs are the models that automobile manufacturers around the world are introducing, but what is an SUV? Sports Utility
An abbreviation for Vehicle (sport utility vehicle), S is a sport, U is a versatile or practical vehicle, and V is a vehicle. In Japanese, it is a multipurpose sports vehicle. It is easy to understand because the shape is completely different from that of a mini car or minivan, but what is different from an RV like a Land Cruiser is that it is easy to ride (multipurpose) including a feeling of size, and it has a running performance like an RV (multipurpose). It is a car with sports).

It falls into the RV genre when roughly divided, but SUVs are more subdivided. The feature is that the vehicle height is higher than that of a minivan, which enables driving on rough roads and allows safe driving on snowy roads and unpaved roads outdoors. There is plenty of space inside the car, and there is plenty of luggage space. For this reason, SUVs are cars that have RV-like running performance and also have a living space like a minivan.

Recently, it seems that there are various customs such as wearing large diameter aluminum wheels and intentionally lowering the vehicle height, but SUV is said to be a utility player that can handle both sports-like street riding and rough roads outdoors. That is.

Key points for choosing an SUV

Even if you say SUV in a bite, it is different among the SUVs currently on the market. It can be roughly divided into 3 types Will be.

1.Compact class

It is a class equipped with a 1500cc class engine, and often uses a compact car platform, making it an economical class that emphasizes ease of riding and city riding. For example, the Vezel, which is based on the Honda Fit, is a typical model. In addition, the CX-3, which is based on the Mazda Demio, is also popular.

2.Medium class

It is a central class equipped with a 2000cc class engine, has excellent running performance on rough roads, and has a large living space.
The maximum number of passengers can be easily accommodated, making it ideal for families and outdoors. Nissan's popular model, X-Trail, not a full-fledged SUV, but Subaru Forester falls into this class.

3.Luxury class

n the class equipped with a large engine of 2000cc or more, the size will be larger. Naturally, the living space will be wider, but the luggage space will also be wider and the displacement will be larger, making long-distance driving easier. In this class, the interior is of high quality and the exterior is powerful and luxurious. A typical model is Toyota Harrier, but Mazda's CX-8 equipped with a clean diesel engine is also in this class.

I think it's a good idea to first consider the model that suits you in the above three major classes. Next, on a budget, the price range for SUVs is around 2 to 5 million yen, but the larger the size, the more expensive it becomes. In addition, the price of vehicles equipped with engines such as hybrid and clean diesel will naturally increase.

Compact class for those who mainly commute, shop, and drive nearby and want to keep maintenance costs down. Medium class if you want to secure a seating capacity and drive on rough roads. For those who want to drive comfortably with a higher-grade SUV, the luxury class may be good.

This one to choose by SUV class

Vehicle type 1: Toyota CH-R

It is an SUV that has both fuel efficiency and safety performance, and is a car that uses the Prius platform. It is popular for its distinctive appearance and very sporty design. The basic is the Prius, but the tire size has been increased and the brakes, stabilizers, and suspension have been changed, so even if the vehicle height rises, the running performance will not deteriorate. The minimum turning radius is 5.2m and it is easy to handle, so it is easy to drive in the garage or in the city.
You can choose from 1800cc FF / hybrid / 1200cc turbo 4WD
Price range: 2.5 million to 2.9 million yen Fuel consumption: 15.4 to 30.2 km (JC08 mode)

Vehicle type 2: Nissan X-Trail

Predict slippery road surfaces in cornering with a versatile SUV that can handle everything from city riding to full-scale off-road
"All mode 4X4i" is installed, and Nissan's original "chassis control technology" enables stable driving even on rough roads. It is very popular and is the number one SUV registered in northern Hokkaido.
An automatic driving "ProPilot" can be set as an option.
Price range: 2.2 million yen to 3.1 million yen Fuel consumption: 15.6 to 20.8 km (JC08 mode)

Vehicle type 3: Toyota Hariya

Needless to say, it is a pioneer of SUVs and a representative of luxury SUVs. A very comfortable car with front and rear suspension settings
We are pursuing comfort by changing it and adopting a highly cushioned seat that absorbs impact. Not only the exterior looks luxurious, but the interior also has a high-quality design, giving it a luxurious feel. The rear seats are also wide enough to allow you to sit comfortably. A normal engine and hybrid, and a turbo newly ported from the Lexus NX200t have also been added.
Price range: 2.3 million yen to 5 million yen Fuel consumption: 12.8 to 21.4 km (JC08 mode)

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